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Parish Rhythms

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serving the church and our neighborhood together


 Leaders in our community open their homes for a meal, a time of sharing, discipleship and connection. We believe that hospitality and community do a profound work of healing for all of us.


Our Online Community

Join our online community on Facebook and Google Groups to meet others within the church, share prayer requests, and address practical physical needs.

We encourage you to treat this like an online community bulletin board.


We have a conviction that the Creator God is at work to heal and remake the whole world. Our own lives are a part of that renewal project and God invites us to join in with Him in the ongoing work of making all things new. To follow Jesus and join Him in His mission is to become agents of renewal in our neighborhoods, industries and our city as a whole.

In our parish,  we are committed to expressing mission by intentionally pursuing relationships with neighbors, co-workers and those on the margins of the UES. You can sign up here to serve with the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center on Saturdays.

See calendar below for specific meeting times and locations.